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What does Mamarracho mean?

1) Something that is ‘Not perfect’

2) The word comes from the arabian ‘Bouffon’ meaning the one who was allowed to entertain the king.

3) In some Latinamerican countries it means the signature (autograph) people ask from you when you become famous.

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Who is

Lucero Peralta

Lu is a freelance drama consultant, theatre director and producer. As founder of Grupo Mamarracho Educational Entertainment (established 2014) she runs regular training courses in the UK and abroad. Lu has written original theatre plays for both children and adults, choreographs dance and movement for external companies and she is also a lyricist and singer. Lu is married with 2 kids and lives in Bristol, United Kingdom.



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Meki Nattero

recommends Grupo Mamarracho: Entretenimiento educacional. La primera vez que me animo a hacer clases de teatro, y online ni más ni menos! Lucero es una maestra en todo sentido, inspira con[…]

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Luis Mujica Junior

recommends Grupo Mamarracho: Entretenimiento educacional. Lucero y su amor a la interpretación! Teatro y mucho teatro! Nadie mejor que ella para hacerte ver el lado más humano y bueno de las[…]

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Marite Tejera

recommends Grupo Mamarracho: Entretenimiento educacional. Hola a todos ,me encantan las clases para adultos , Lucero la profe, hace que sea dinámico y divertido el aprendizaje. La supe recomiendo. Saludos !

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Past Events & Shows

Where are we?

16b Merton Road, BS7 8TL, Bristol

Wildcat Studios is our new creative and learning space.

Facilities include a whiteboard for teaching. Tables and chairs suitable for children of all ages. A 6m x 7m sprung floor. Full length mirrors, mats, crash mat and a 6m air track.

There is an onsite drop off and collection point. Parking can be found on surrounding streets.

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