Learning another language is much easier when you are young! ¿Si? 🙂

Whether it is because you want your child to face time with a grandparent in Latin America or because you just want to incorporate a foreign language into your child’s daily routine, learning Spanish will surely give your little one multiple cognitive and social benefits.

Here is our ‘Rays of Sun’: A way to introduce your preschooler to a new language or to fluency if he has already some exposure to Spanish.

Join us for storytelling, puppets, songs, games, treasure hunts, cooking adventures and much more from the comfort of your home. Please book ahead of each session, using our booking system on this website.

This session runs for 45 minutes with a mini break in between (to have a drink and re connect to Zoom).

This session is 100% in Spanish (we don’t translate and that’s the key!) and It is lots of fun, dynamic and super creative.

WHEN: Tuesdays 2 to 2.45 pm (Term time only)


PRICE: £3,50 per household. Places are limited to a small group so please book way ahead ¡Hasta pronto!